• Malmö Art Academy : Pétition

    Malmö Art Academy faces imminent threat of closure

    We students, teachers, personnel, alumni and friends were on this day, the 13th of June, met by the shocking news that Malmö Art Academy may be forced to close down. The City Planning Office of Malmö is not extending our contract at Mellersta Förstadsskolan, thereby forcing the school to vacate its premises on the 30th of June 2017. Plans for a new campus housing the Malmö Art Academy have been laid out, but would not be ready until 2027 at the earliest. We have not been offered any comparable premises, suitable for our needs as an art and art-research academy. Without a school-building we are unable to continue our educational programmes. The consequences of this decision is that an extraordinarily well functioning and internationally renowned and respected academy, offering further studies at BA, MA and Ph.D level, is forced to close next year. Further, this is a decision that will have devastating consequences on art and culture both regionally and throughout Scandinavia.

    We implore the politicians of the Malmö City Council and the Municipal Executive Board to review their decision, allowing us to remain in our current premises until such a time as a an alternative premise has been offered.

    The signatures will be handed over to the Malmö City Council and the Municipal Executive Board. Please mention professional title as comment when signing the petition.

    Malmö 13.06.2016 - deadline for petition 26 June

    Pétition à signer à cette adresse :
    « Vidéo des étudiants d'AngoulêmeLes Inrocks : écoles d'art en péril »

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